Electric Bicycle Rental
We provide the opportunity to rent electric bicycles and enjoy the freedom of movement without effort.
Beneficial conditions for renting electric bicycles
Bicycles are equipped with free helmets and locks.
Our company is the largest and most experienced in the field of bicycle rental in Gorgocity. We are appreciated by both local residents of the peninsula and its guests.
Individual approach
We will help you choose a bicycle based on your desires and also assist in creating a scenic route.
Long distances
Thanks to the electric motor, you can easily cover long distances with less effort. Time and energy savings are guaranteed. Bicycle batteries are fully charged when issued.
All of our bicycles are in excellent technical condition. We regularly maintain and check the performance of technical components.
Discounts and special offers for new and regular customers
An electric bicycle is a very agile, practical, economical, and at the same time romantic means of transportation. With it, you can visit any corner of the peninsula, easily conquer any hills and descents.
For regular customers
  • 10% discount for regular customers
  • Free basket is provided when renting an electric bicycle for 3 months or more
  • We offer long-term technical maintenance contracts
For new customers
  • 5% discount for new customers for rentals of two weeks or more
  • Additional bicycle accessories at a special price
  • Pre-installed in the navigator routes with audio tours for guests of the city
Bike rental catalog
cruising range
50 km
High-speed bikes
Each bicycle is equipped with a GPS system. Renters are required to follow traffic rules.
Made for the urban environment
cruising range
35 km
Compact folding bikes
Convenience and compactness
max speed
30 km/h
cruising range
40 km
Urban bikes
Made to move comfortably
max speed
35 km/h
cruising range
40 km
Bikes without frame
Everything for your comfort
max speed
35 km/h
max speed
50 km/h
from €35/day
from €30/day
from €30/day
from €20/day
The safety of each renter is our top priority
Our mechanics carefully monitor the condition of each bicycle, control the battery charge level, tire pressure, brake condition, and electric system. Before signing a rental agreement, the bicycle undergoes mandatory inspection by a mechanic and necessary preparation.
Rental terms
  • You must be over 18 years old.
  • Have a valid driver's license for any category.
  • Provide your passport.
  • Leave a deposit of €60.
  • Sign a rental agreement.
You receive the electric bicycle with a fully charged battery and return it in the same condition after use.
You are obligated to keep the electric bicycle in good working condition.
Do not hesitate to contact us
Our office
Leave a request and our managers will contact you in a convenient way to answer on all your questions.
123 Imaginary Street Gorgoville, XZ 98765, United States
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Long-term rental of electric bicycles
Ride the Future: Electric Bikes for a greener journey!
Long-term rental of electric bicycles
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